Kinesiology explained

Kinesiology was originally developed by Dr. George Goodheart, an American Chiropractor. He identified connections between various muscles and acupuncture meridians. For example, by testing the hamstring at the back of the leg it is possible to ascertain whether there is an imbalance in the large intestine meridian. There are various corrections used to restore balance, these may incorporate simple fixes made by the kinesiologist or diet and lifestyle changes. For some people, nutritional supplements may also be beneficial.

Each and every treatment is completely individual and depends on the client’s needs at that particular time.

Kinesiology is a truly unique therapy,  it not only identifies the source of the problem but it also gives us the solution to restore balance.

It can increase energy and vitality, prevent illness, relieve pain, release stress and emotions, enhance brain function and can identify your nutritional needs. It is not necessary to be feeling run down before seeking a treatment, it can be done at any time just to keep you feeling well.




Food sensitivity testing is often included in a kinesiology session